European Roulette

There are quite a few versions of roulette available in casinos and online. They are - American roulette, French roulette and European roulette. But among all, European roulette is expected to be found available in most of the casinos whether it is online casino or real. There are no major differences between them except the maximum house edge in the American roulette than other two roulettes.


The roulette wheel that includes only single zero was firstly invented in Germany. When people think about European roulette, they actually think about 37 slots that include a zero as well. The difference of one extra zero between the European and the American roulette causes a great impact while playing the game. The wheel with one zero is always easier to play rather than the wheel with two zeros.

The house edge is only 2.70% for European roulette, while it is about 5.26% in the American roulette. It is almost double in the American roulette! As a result, most of players like to prefer European roulette and feel comfort as well. .


If you are a player from any European countries, then the phrase "European Roulette" may seem peculiar to you. In fact, this roulette was first originated from France. But, when the American Roulette come into view in the American region, it is better to called as European Roulette to differentiate between these two sorts of roulette.

If we think it from the odds viewpoint, we will always find the European Roulette thousand times better than the American Roulette! No, it is not exaggerated. As the house edge is not so huge in this roulette, there is always a good chance for the players to win.

European Roulette is the Best

Do you ever play European Roulette? If you don't, then you may not understand the biggest advantage of playing this sort of roulette. The best thing about European roulette is that there is only one zero! What if there is no zero in the wheel? Now, let me clear you the main advantages of that. If there is no zero on the wheel, the house and the players have to keep playing for a long time and it might likely a zero figure game as well. But, we all are aware of the business of the casinos. They don't like to run this sort of business.

Therefore, they add zeros for gaining advantage. The more zeroes, the more advantage. It is so simple. So, you should go for European roulette as there is only one zero.