Roulette House Edge

Generally, the house edge of roulette seems to be the same for all sorts of bets. That means the house edge will be same for streets, straight up, even and odds as well.

As there are basically two kinds of roulette mostly played around the world, the house edge often differs from European roulette to American roulette. The basic difference between American roulette and European roulette is that there is 0 and 00 in the American roulette whether European roulette has only 0. Therefore, the house edge within American roulette is about 5.26% whether it is about 2.70% in the European roulette! Because of this, you should always prefer to play European roulette.

En Prison rules

Applying En Prison rules, you can easily cut down the house edge. For that, you need to come across a casino that will allow you to employ En Prison rules. However, the En Prison rules only cover even money wagers. If the ball stopped at zero, then your bet is not instantly over or lost.

The bets are just "en prison" for the upcoming round. If a bet gets en prison and comes across a hit in the upcoming round, it can be recalled by the players. If the bet loses again, then it will be taken by the house. The best thing about En Prison rules is that it makes the house edge to half only for even money wagers! But, it is really tough to figure out the casinos that still allow this rule. It is better you keep your eyes open for this.

La Partage rules

As the En Prison rules are now seems to be worn-out, you can go for a rule that is almost similar to En Prison rules and mostly used in online roulette. It is known as La Partage rule that is only available in French roulette. For this, you need to find the casinos that allow you to play French roulette. Once you applied the rule of La Partage, the house edge for even money wagers will lose its half portion on zero. Moreover, the house edge is about 1.38% in French roulette. So, I think it is far better than playing European or American roulette.

However, there is an online casino named as "Betfair" has developed a kind of roulette gaming that includes zero house edge! In Zero Roulette, there isn't any 0 or 00, so that the players can enjoy the real odds. It's the best ever roulette game available in the online and you should go for that.