Labouchere Roulette Strategy is a kind of roulette system that is used for playing roulette in a non-complicated way. In general, gamblers yearning for a scheme that will significantly decrease the house edge and maximize the possibilities to win the game. For this reason, the popularity of this scheme is mounting day by day.

Though Labouchere Roulette Strategy cannot really guarantee your win consistently, but it can guarantee regular winnings and this is the real attraction to most of the roulette players.

How to use

It's so simple to employ Labouchere Roulette Strategy. First of all, you need a pen and a piece of paper and then, you have to write down a series of numbers. For example, you may have to write 1,2,3,4. In fact, it could be any other series of numbers containing as many numbers as you wish to put in that. But the fact is that the shorter will be your series of numbers the earlier you can lock your profit!

Here we illustrate this strategy. Just keep your eyeballs moving through the lines below!

First of all, you have to place your bet according to Labouchere roulette strategy and it will be equal to the summation of 2 outer numbers of your series. According to our example, you have to place (1+2=3) 3 units as your first bet and it will be even money bet.

When you win the bet, you need to cross those two numbers that is 1 and 2 from your series. Now, you have to add the next 2 numbers for finding the bet units. So, you have to place (3+4=7) 7 units as your bet. If you also win this one, then you can start a new series of numbers.

What if you got down with the first stake of 3 units? Okay if you lose 3 units, then you have to adjoin number 3 in the last part of your series. So, your next bet should be 4 units. However, if you place it at the beginning, your bet should be 5 units.

After understanding this short example, you can easily place your bet according to this system. It is really very simple and easy to understand and employ in the game. It is all about crossing the numbers off when you win the bets or adding the numbers when your bets get lose.

Reverse Labouchere

Reverse Labouchere is basically another version of Labouchere roulette strategy. It is an idea where you have to add the numbers that you win and cross the numbers that you lose. Though this series of numbers could lead to a long tiring game along with even more betting requirements!

If you ask any gambler who previously employed this strategy and get his results, then he will suggest you to use this system to gain more winnings. However, if you fail to bet accordingly, you will end up with a big mess.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy remains being better than Martingale Roulette Strategy for sure-fire!