Legal Notice

On Cookies and Information

Cookies refer to a technology that identifies users whenever they move through THIS SITE websites. Cookies keep information that websites might need in order to customize your experience or to collect statistical information of websites, like your visited pages, your downloaded materials, your online provider's country and domain name, or the website addresses that you visited right before going to another website.

THIS SITE puts cookies to use to give your computer one-of-a-kind identifiers, so we can create statistics about website access, like how many repeat visitors we get and which websites you visited before ours.

Users who do not like this cookie functionality can disable them by indicating that they don't want these cookies or by disabling cookie functions on the browser.

Aside from as provided within this policy, THIS SITE cannot disclose, sell, or trade the website information to other parties without your permission. THIS SITE might disclose this information, however, if needed for court orders, subpoenas, search warrants or other processes of the law; to comply along with governmental authorities' administrative, legal, or regulatory requirements; to defend and protect THIS SITE and its visitors, officers, endorsers, attorneys, partners, and contractors as connected to legal actions, disputes or claims; to enforce website usage terms; to stop physical harm; or as connected to sales, transfers, or assignments of the assets of THIS SITE.

On Security and Policy Changes

THIS SITE keeps the personal and general information that is gathered on the website on safe servers found in Europe, America, or elsewhere. Every transactional page is protected. The safe servers have firewall protection and protection from various other regular procedures of security meant to stop access by third parties that are unauthorized and that could get accessed from security breaches. THIS SITE cannot control computer or electronic device security as you use for email sending and information submission to THIS SITE online.

THIS SITE can amend, change or modify this policy anytime without prior notice. If this policy is amended, changed, or modified, the revised policy can be found on the website of THIS SITE. Any revised policies will merely prospectively apply to modified or gathered personal information after the revised policy's effective date. It would be the customers' responsibility to check the policy periodically for such changes, as well.