Martingale system is basically a betting scheme where you can easily alter your bets depending on the outcome of your earlier bets. The prime goal of this system is to aid the players in beating the edge of the house and make them win as well. Generally, this system is applied in all sorts of casino games along with even money, especially in Roulette. You can also use it in Blackjack and Craps.

Does it work?

There are quite a few sites that may tell you not to use Martingale system for gambling. If you follow this system, you will place your bet with negative anticipation! I mean, there will be no craze within your mind that you have to win the game at any cost. So, you can have a great fun.

This system never guarantees that this will increase your winning possibility or you can do better at the game. If you want, you can prefer any other method of your choice.

How it works

In this system you just need to place bet accordingly. If your bet comes up with a win, then you will pocket the earnings or else, continuing bet. On the other hand, if you lose the bet, then you have to double the amount of your bet. As a result, if you win this time, it will compensate your previous loss. Here, I illustrate this with example. Just read through this!

In roulette, you can place your bet of $1 on black. If you get lose, you will lose only $1. Next time, you will place $2 on black and if you lose again, the total lose will be $3. Next you will place your bet as $4 and if you lose again, the total lose will be $7. Next, you have to place your bet as $8 and if you get won, you will be up for $1.

Though this system is theoretically perfect, you have to fulfill two conditions before that. Here are they:

  • You must have to manage an unlimited bankroll for this.
  • You must need infinite betting limit.

Now, come to the reality. There is no one who has an unlimited bankroll and there is no casino in the world that offers infinite betting limit. As there is no existence of such things, you may end up with a big mess. The betting generally increases exponentially. So, you cannot really manage a win.