Online Roulette Strategies

Roulette gives you enormous joy and fun rather than any other casino game whether you play it online or in Las Vegas - it doesn't really matter. Online Roulette offers most of the exciting features just like Vegas so that you can easily get all the facilities of the real casino! Just read this article and try to catch up some tips to be the winner of roulette!

Spin for Fun

It doesn't really matter where you play the game; the rules for playing Roulette still remain the same. More simply, roulette is just like a range of numbers where you need to spin the reel and wait for being lucky to win. That's all about roulette. You can consider it as a top class lotto game as well. However, there are certain differences between roulette and lotto as the possibility of winning is more for an individual in roulette along with a wide range.

Here are some of them:

  • Even, Odd, Black, Red, 19-36, 1-18, 1:1
  • to 1: 25-36, 13-24, 1 to 12,
  • Six numbers: 5 to 1
  • to 1: 0, 1, 00, 2, 3 combos
  • to 1: Four numbers
  • to 1: Three numbers
  • to 1: Two numbers
  • to 1: One number

Spin for the edge

Though the easiness of playing roulette makes any gamer capable to play this game, you need to go for strategy to be the real winner and it will be a great advantage as well. There are lots of example of the players who won the game only by the luck in Vegas, but for online gaming you must have to follow the strategy otherwise, you will be a looser for sure! Moreover, you can easily manage regular wins by playing strategically as there is no eagle eye to catch you in online roulette!

Here is the most effective strategy for playing roulette - Martingale System:

  • Place a bet with even amount of money for 1 credit. For example: £1 Red.
  • When you win the bet, place another fresh bet with even money.
  • If your bet fails in any case, then you have to increase the bet to 100%. For example: £2 Red.
  • Just continuing this doubling until your bet come first.

If you can play like this, then you can easily win without any substantial loss. So, what are you waiting for? Let's just roll!